eCommerce SEO


Got an online store up and running but anxious about its low number of clients and traffic?

Relying on a single type of paid ads only when promoting your online store?

Have you ever wondered how to attract clients in the long run?

Here is a way where clients come to you by themselves...

How important is online store SEO promotion?

Over 75% people found what they wanted through Google, with over half of them getting their motivation to purchase there. Therefore, online store SEO promotion does have close relationship with sales. Online store SEO pays special attention to on-page optimization, page structure and product categorization. By focusing on details and improving your website’s content, let your online store appear on search engine’s first page, enjoy higher clicking rate and organic traffic, and expand your business’ potential client base.

Let clients find you at ease

You must have preferred online store because of the potential brought by the sheer number of online clients, but have you thought about the way to reach your clients? Actually, our online store SEO goes the other way around as we make clients come to you! Our precise keyword strategy allows you to capture potential clients at various stages of consumption. Let your brand get in touch with them effectively and provide them the right thing at the right time, without having to waste money on advertising!

eCommerce SEO fits online store’s nature better

Compared to ordinary SEO, eCommerce SEO starts from your content and data structure. Ordinary websites usually come with less pages and a simpler structure; But for online stores with dozens of products, the number of pages will be large. This requires better structuring and categorization works as they affect user experience. Such needs of analysis and optimization can be met with advice from our experienced eCommerce SEO team.

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