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A professional company website brings you more business opportunities

Your company’s image will be benefitted as well

Want to let clients know your company’s latest updates constantly?

Want to raise your business’ credibility?

Want to discover new potential clients online?

WordPress Web Design


  • At present, WordPress is one of the world’s most popular open-source content management systems (CMS). With WordPress, web designers may create a multi-functional website hassle-free. It is easy to set up and extend as well. For novice and experienced web designers, the used-to-be complicated steps of programming when undergoing web design can be omitted too.

Shopify eCommerce Web Design


  • As an eCommerce web platform launched in 2006, Shopify is a leading facilitator for medium and small resellers who want to set up online stores quickly. As of 2018, its one-stop eCommerce services had been used by over 800 thousand SMEs worldwide, with yearly web sales figures as high as 100 billion US dollars. Among their clients are well-known brands like Tesla and Forbes.

SME Web Design


  • Digital Zoo allows your website to be as competitive as those made by well-resourced corporations. With a tailor-made web design service, let your company look professional and credible - just like those of large corporations. Our desire is to help boost your business’ competitiveness, allowing you to attract sales or opportunities with your website.

One-on-one independent follow-up

Our services include:


Customized Web Design

‘Corporate image, brands and products’ are well-presented here as the products’ realistic impression and the corporation’s passion to strive are realistically displayed.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

‘Responsive web design, one size fits all’ A responsive webpage adapts to changes automatically and is suitable for viewing across different platforms.

Content Management System

We offer all-inclusive and user-friendly web content management solutions, allowing you to update and manage web content from behind the scenes.

Google Analytics setup

Understand your website’s visitors better by viewing their amount and actions through setting up Google Analytics.

Google Search Console setup

Improve a website’s ranking within the search engine by setting up Google Search Console.

Content management system (CMS)

This allows enterprises to freely update content and deliver the latest information to clients. 

30-day refund guarantee

If you are not happy with the website we produce, contact us in 30 days and we will refund 50% of the fee. The remaining 50% goes to web hosting, domain and service fees.​

SSL certificate

With SSL certificate, personal information sent by online users (like credit card number, account name, password and more) is protected. Clients can leave their personal information and shop at your website without worries.​

Multi-language website

Every language is a separate version with its own sub-domain web address. If a website has 10 pages and requires Traditional Chinese, English, and Japanese, 30 webpages will have to be set up.​

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