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Wondering why clients often fail to find your website?

Worrying about the lack of exposure without ads but bounded by a limited marketing budget?

Check out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - your key to long-term marketing success

According to a questionnaire, 75% of users start their search from Google...

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize your website’s ranking, bring forward ‘focused’ website traffic and boost brand exposure and visibility. Let your products and services be known, purchased and used by target clients. When compared to conventional advertising methods, web advertising is more efficient and continuous.

SEO Web Optimization Service

Through our web ranking optimization service, clients may start without any ranking at all and end up on Google’s first page of search results thanks to more than 100 keywords. Enjoy long-lasting organic traffic and increased conversion rate.

Content Marketing

As a complete combination of ‘content’ and ‘search engine optimization (SEO)’, content marketing provides a SEO copywriting plan and builds an array of interrelated quality original articles, promoting the website’s professional identity and company’s credibility.

SEO Web Analysis

We look forward to improving and optimizing your website in an all-rounded manner. SEO web analysis helps you to thoroughly analyze all website issues including web structure, sitemap, 404 errors, duplicated content, titles and more.

eCommerce SEO

The coverage of eCommerce SEO is wider and deeper than that of normal company websites. eCommerce websites usually come with large product catalogues where hundreds or thousands of pages await to be optimized. With our experience, get ready for large-scale SEO optimization and an increased client traffic.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Have you ever searched on Google but ended up with results from competitors rather than yourself? Or have you tried lots of methods but still had poor Hong Kong web ranking? You should know that having a place among search results is an ideal way to get in touch with consumers. As first-page search results on Google account for 95% of total search traffic, search engine optimization becomes vital here. Search engine optimization (SEO) optimizes a website and improve its ranking at international or Hong Kong search engines by working on search engine operation guidelines.

Is it important to select the right keywords?

When undergoing SEO ranking optimization, keyword planning is a must-do part. Digitalzoo helps you to plan sets of on-point and precise keywords in a complete way, designing your keyword strategy via data collection and understanding of consumers’ search behavior. Some keywords’ cost per click (CPC) remains high but suffers from poor competence; Some keywords suit your products but fail to return results that include your website. That’s what you need to focus on when performing search engine optimization in Hong Kong!

Digital Zoo tailor-made SEO services for you

As a Hong Kong SEO company, Digital Zoo offers a range of website ranking optimization SEO services, covering Google, Google Maps, Yahoo!, Bing and more. With an aim to maximize your business’ exposure, we offer custom-made international or Hong Kong search engine optimization plans for your business, allowing your website to stay in top positions. As a Hong Kong SEO company, we are on-the-ground and know your needs and strategies better. Our team has established a successful track record in which companies and enterprises across multiple industries received SEO optimization from us. These companies enjoyed enhanced credibility, web traffic and conversion rate.


How to maximize your marketing efficiency through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

All-inclusive Optimization Planning

On-site SEO optimization A website’s SEO is affected by over 200 items. Start with the important items to improve your website.
Off-site SEO optimization Comprehensive SEO is incomplete without off-page optimization which raises web relevance and credibility.
All-inclusive keyword planning A focus keyword plan made on the basis of an understanding towards your potential customers’ train of thought.
Page content optimization We produce texts that fit enterprise/brand image or optimize SEO content according to the website’s original content

Performance Report

Search ranking report A regularly-produced and detailed ranking report where you read latest progresses and understand opportunities behind each search
Keyword ranking guarantee A guaranteed keyword ranking - we are confident in delivering the target ranking for you

Targeted preparation

1-on-1 consultation session We design SEO web optimization and ranking growth strategy according to the enterprise’s needs.
Web analysis report Understand your website’s issues before improving web SEO. Our professional web analysis checks all on-page factors that are harmful to your website.
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