Search Engine Marketing (SEM)



Advertising investments yielding poor results due to increasing competition in keyword advertising?

Lack of improvement in traffic and revenue despite publishing your ads for quite some time already?

Unsure on how to focus on target clients precisely?

According to a questionnaire, 75% of users start their search from Google...

Using the search engine marketing (SEM) service, effects on search results will be shown quickly and instantly. We offer a range of services including keyword advertising, multimedia display advertising, community advertising and more. They allow more target clients to notice your services or products, improve your brand’s exposure and visibility, and achieve major progresses rapidly.

Google Keyword Advertising

Let your company’s website appear on search engines when clients look for ‘terms’ relative to your business.

Google Multimedia Display Advertising

Interested in spreading awareness of your brand to potential clients quickly? Multimedia display ads allow you to reach 90% of the world’s internet users and determine your target audience.

Mobile App Advertising

With the platform of Google, get in touch with those most interested in your app, assisting you to boost your Android apps’ download times.

Remarketing Ads Publishing

Set up detailed marketing strategy for potential clients who clicked on ads or visited your website. Together with optimized ROI, they are provided with the proper reasons to become customers.

Facebook Community Advertising

With Facebook’s organic traffic being minimal already, you will need Facebook community ads to transmit messages to consumers.

How to maximize marketing efficiency through Search engine marketing (SEM)?

Focused Preparatory Works

1-on-1 consultation session We will first get a detailed image of your company and products, then offer search engine marketing plans in a focused manner.

All-inclusive Optimization Planning

Ad set setup We will build unique ad set plans for your products and pages, wielding results from the 1-on-1 consultation session
Ad set testing We understand target audience’s behaviors better via initial test ad sets
Ad adjustment and enhancement After publishing the ad for some time, we make use of statistics and enhance the whole strategy
Remarketing advertising setup Further conversion rate optimization for users who clicked on ads
Match it with SEO optimization o you know? SEM can work with SEO to produce synergy. Click here to know more!

Performance Report

Ad performance report a regularly-produced and detailed report where you continually gain knowledge of your ads’ effectiveness through statistics
Ad optimization tips We will offer further optimization tips according to your ads’ effectiveness and statistics
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